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Super Suckers

Vac-Con Industrial Vacuum Unit for Dry & Wet Operation/Super Sucker

This is having 16 Cubic Yard Capacity Corten Steel Debris Body, with Roots 27″ PD Blower up to 5000 cfm. This unit is mounted on at 40T 6×4 TATA Prima Chasis.

PowerFlow Trailer Super Sucker Unit for Dry & Wet Operation

This is industrial unit with Roots 1021/JUROP HELIX 2000 PD Blower mounted on 40T Flat Bed Trailer used for Industrial “Dry & Wet” vacuum operations.

PowerFlow Fabricated Truck Mounted Super Sucker Unit for Dry & Wet Operation

This is having Roots 1021/JUROP HELIX 1500 Blower mounted on 40T 6×4 Chassis. This unit is assembled by PFLO with machineries from US/Europe.

Hydro Excavator PowerFlow Dual Engine Skid Hydro-Excavation Unit

This is Excavation unit with Jurop PVT1000 positive displacement with Dual Engine for Vacuuming & Water Jetting.

PoweFlow Fabricated Skid Mounted Super Sucker Unit for Dry & Wet Operation

This is having/JUROP HELIX 1500 Blower, this unit assembled by PFLO with machineries from US/Europe.

Gerotta Mini Robot Excavator

Gerotto Federico S.r.l. presents its Mini Robot Excavators, designed and produced by the company to perform totally safe aspiration works from a safe distance. The Tank Cleaner category, which includes the ATEX versions of Lombrico and Gatto made by Gerotto, consists of Mini Robot Excavators suitable for cleaning storage tanks with very tough sticky sludge.


Options and Alternative Designs:Power: Diesel, electric, explosion resistant. Mounting: Road legal trailer, all terrain, skid, truck and crane. Unloader valves: Double dump, gravity, rotary airlock and specialty valves.Filtration:HEPA, nuclear,carbon, product specific. Accessories: Cyclone drum fillers, intermediate hoppers and separators, bagging stations, vacuum hose, specialty nozzles and engineered solutions.VecLoaders are extremely powerful and compact vacuum system, incorporating innovative technology to solve a wide range of industrial vacuuming and conveyance needs.They move coal, ash, dirt, blast media, sand, stone, water, slurry and other flowable bulk materials utilizing either four, five or six inch diameter hose or multiple smaller diameter hoses. Modular in design, VecLoaders can be easily matched to a broad assortment of customer specified cyclone separators, filter-receivers, collections systems, classifiers, self-dumping hoppers and intermediate collection devices. Specifications subject to change without notice so that improvements are made as quickly as possible.

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